This is the temporary portfolio website of Tijmen Lohmeijer, a creator in the field of audio and interaction design based in Utrecht (NL).

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Listen/Re:listen (2019) is a radio installation by Stranded FM, the Utrecht- based “Unconventional Online Radio,” and complements both the exhibition and trainings. Meant for recording and (re) listening, it works as an interactive memory bank, with a playlist of trainings gradually added-to as they take place throughout Trainings for the Not-Yet at BAK (Basis voor Actuele Kunst), beginning with the opening relay of conversations, The City Staircase (14–15 September 2019). Trainings participants and other visitors are invited to submit a message either directly through the voice recorder or written down via a letterbox, which Stranded FM then translates into an audible version, whether as spoken word or music. Intermittently, Stranded FM hosts a temporary satellite studio for the trainings, with output ranging from deep listening to broadcasting. concept: Luke Cohlen, Stefan Starke, Jolijt Bosch & Tijmen Lohmeijer production: Jolijt Bosch & Tijmen Lohmeijer

Ableton / MAX MSP / 2019

Thanks to Daan Rijpkema for lending a laptop and Nathan Marcus for his coding knowledge.

De Straat op! 100 jaar vrouwenkiesrecht en activisme, VR beleving

A virtual reality experience made in collaboration with Justin Zijlstra, Lisanne van Aert and Atria. The concept of the work is to let participants experience the fight of women’s right to vote. Aim of the work is to serve as an introduction, and to prepare and encourage people to visit the exhibition: “De straat op! 100 jaar vrouwenkiesrecht en activisme”. The installation functions as a tower viewer meets peep-box and takes the participant straight back to the fight for women’s right to vote. The participant has a 360° virtual view while automatically floating through the story, starting in a 19th century home and ending in a huge demonstration at Amsterdam's’ Dam square.

Ableton / Oculus / Unity / 2019

Interactive Globe

In collaboration with Justin Zijlstra, an interactive globe for the National Archive in The Hague. The globe is designed for the current exhibition on the archived history of the VOC (Dutch East India Company) and provides information on the geographical location of the archived material. By rotating the globe to marked spots, visitors reveal information on the chosen location. The entire installation works using a single interaction. The exhibition runs until January 2018.

Unity / Projection / 2017

"traces of time non-spent"

Traces of time non spent is an interactive visual poem about time and how it is spent. With a focus on the completion of actions, we tend to live in a society on the clock. Where simple joys of being lost, whether in time, space or mentally are often overlooked. In search for a mind at ease Tijmen creates sounds, moods and digital scenes. Though the scenes are rarely related to the digital world of screens, a rushed society and buzzing lights, a contrast exists in the presented medium and the story it portrays. currently only ported for mac.

Unity / Ableton live / Mixed Media 2018

Sound Light Connect

Fascinated by modern technologies and todays use of communication devices I researched how mediated communication influences our behaviour. In comparison to face-to-face communication, different forms of media (text/phone/video) engage fewer and or different senses causing miscommunication and loss of focus. For my final piece I used light as a communicative medium. Light as a carrier of sound-data. I encourage the audience to connect with the light to maintain a clear line of communication. Ignore the noise, face the light, stay focussed, tune in, connect. With the installation SOUND LIGHT CONNECT I strive for a new kind of communicative medium. Audience has to face the light coming from the lighthouse like mirror in order to hear the other end of the line. Placing two of these communicating pillars on different places of the world make it able for two participants to communicate provided that they are in sync; both mentally and physically.

Ableton / dirty electronics / mixed media 2016

With a major thanks to my dad for helping me hear light.